Workshop vehicles

We offer a full service regarding workshop vehicles, in order to limit transfers, time as well as intermediaries.

Thus we can offer :

  • The inside fitting-out

-) Either made in aluminium in our workshops :

- to measure in according to your tools
- useful spare of load
- no corrosion
- 100 % recyclable

-) or prefabricated : TECNOLAM

  • The roof rack
  • The trailer fastener
  • The paint + logos + reflective bands + sirens
  • Flashing lights, LED lights
  • The additional heating
  • Air conditionning
  • A system that supplies 230 V alternating current (converter, alternator, generator,...)
  • An alarm system
  • GSM, GPS installation
  • camera installation

Our Projects

Equipement for workshop vehicle
Equipement for workshop vehicle
Workshop vehicle
Workshop vehicle
Workshop vehicle
Workshop vehicle
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